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Bohemia Bagel Holešovice Score 0%

Bohemia Bagel Holešovice

Bohemia Begal Holesovice

We at Think were lucky enough to stop in on the Bohemia Bagel location on the corner of Dukelských hrdinů and Šimáčkova Street in Prague 7 (just across from the Park Hotel) and it was definitely a treat…

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U Filu

Speared into the Corner of Revolucni and Klementska is a sad exercise in kitchenery called U Filu… Sure, it calls itself a restaurant, but then, Bush called himself the duly elected president. But after a year of both of...

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La Casa Blu Score 0%

La Casa Blu

In a city starved for one bloody Latin restaurant worth it’s weight in guacamole, the closest thing we’ve manage to uncover is this quaint cozy & dive called La Casa Blu…

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Ouky Douky Cafe Score 0%

Ouky Douky Cafe

Located in the space that used to be the Original Globe Bookstore & Cafe, Ouky Douky Cafe has continued being a hybrid of bookstore and cafe, creating an atmosphere of relaxing reading, dining, and socializing…

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