And on this month’s quest to find a replacement for SoCal burritos as big as your head, we found something offering much more than some grease pit to fill the gaps our unhealthy, bloated, swine eating habits we left us withs.

We found a place that, despite the suspicious lack of Latinos working behind the counter (0), which carries it’s own weight in this village. It’s exactly the sort of place you’d definitely come back too.

Hidden away from the vultures circling about in Stare Mesto, it’s part of the proud group of hidden treasures in the area that remain populated by 90% Czechs during anytime in the day or evening. The solid decor (an eclectic mix of photo exhibitions on life in Cuba, to various stolen road signs from Spain to Brazil), coupled with a fringe version of Latin sound explosions churning out of the speakers, sending generally good vibes in all directions. The staff is reasonably prompt and actual seems to enjoy what they’re doing, thus the service is well above the average dealt with in the city.

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Entrees, while not exactly cheap, aren’t typically expensive either. Tacos, Burritos and Fajitas all fare in the 100-180 range, which isn’t too bad considering the area. The quality teeters back and forth from average (Tacos) to great (Enchiladas). After having a bit of everything, the big score lays in their Chilli. Home-made with an overload of fresh veggies, spices and potatoes, this 68Kc filler is definitely worthy as taste which should come your way as much as possible.

The specials are pretty solid too, but are typically light variants of the regular menu. Veggie options are available, but nothing seems particularly geared toward one with that preference; but over all it should suffice.

The real Grail hidden within La Casa Blu is not buried between the two pages stuck together with dried tobasco sauce, but found on the banner hung from the ceiling.

I speak of the listing which is their student menu. Monday to Friday, from 11am to 2pm, one can choose the daily meal which offers a small beer for the trivial price of 39Kc. La Casa Blue is pretty much a find that shouldn’t be missed next time one is in the area.

La Casa Blu, Kozi 15, Prague 1, tel: +420 2481 8270,

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