Category: Italian

Pizzeria Il Pinocchio

Tired of the crowded, over-priced pizzerias around centrum? Try Il Pizzeria Pinocchio! Rarely is there a wait for seating and the menu is cheap. The atmosphere is cozy enough, and the decor is minimalist, with only a few shelves...

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Pizza West Score 0%

Pizza West

I don’t know about you, but I eat out in Prague a lot. More and more, prices are going up and my wallet isn’t getting any fatter.

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Pizzeria Kmotra

The best pizza for the best price in Prague. This SoNa (south of Narodni) establishment has been serving up stone-oven wood fire pies for quite some time now, and as such has quite a loyal clientel of pizza lovers. This means if...

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Pizza Coloseum Score 0%

Pizza Coloseum

Well, if you’ve been in Prague for any amount of time, one thing you’ll be thankful for is the presence of Italians in this city pareks and roliks…

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