Speared into the Corner of Revolucni and Klementska is a sad exercise in kitchenery called U Filu…

Sure, it calls itself a restaurant, but then, Bush called himself the duly elected president. But after a year of both of them and some extensive inspection over the gruel they’ve been serving to the public, such titles are just too good for both of them. Why do I eat there? I dunno. The service is beyond horrible.

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The food is either under-cooked, overcooked, or when it is fine, it doesn’t make any difference because it taste like crap. The only good thing going on here, and my weakness, (like Charlie Brown everytime he goes to kick the football and Lucy pulls it away), is that their burritos are actually quite tasty. Of course it doesn’t help that the cook tends to give me a different variant on the same thing each time it was ordered.

Less chicken one time, and 4 nacho chips with a sea of dip on the side. Or the chicken will be fine with a hearty pile of chips, but rather than any dip you get a mountain of sour cream spilling over onto everything on the plate. Safe yourself the time. Steer clear. I want a recount.

Corner of Klementska and Revolucni, Prague 1

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