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Taking it on the Run Score 0%

Taking it on the Run

I miss having lunch delivered to me on a rainy Sunday spent in bed watching movies after a crazy Saturday night.

I love going out to eat as well as cooking at home, but there are times I don’t want to eat in a loud, crowded restaurant and am just too lazy to make my own damn meal.But getting take-out in Prague isn’t all that easy – or so I thought. It’s not the concept that some restaurants are averse to, it’s just purchasing the containers needed to put the food in.

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Vegetarian Prague Score 0%

Vegetarian Prague

Vegetarian Restaurants in PragueI am not putting that in my mouth!

I thought that I would rarely eat in Prague. I was repeatedly told in the States that the food here really sucks, and if you’re a vegetarian, it blows.

I often read that even the even the happiest carnivore will find the game and boar a bore. Maybe I’ll I end up with the model thin figure I’ve always wanted. Not so bad. I rolled into Prague completely prepared to start my liquid diet of pivo and coffee. This, I knew would be easily upheld, especially since much of my life was going to take place in bars and cafes.

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Veggies, Yum! Score 0%

Veggies, Yum!

mame volbu nejist maso, mame volbu nechat zit

Cognitive dissonance for Prague meat eaters is finally here. Vegetarian themed billboards have peppered the center with a stark image that throws into doubt all the assumptions that growing up with meat can produce. Namely, the assumption that eating animals is OK. Normalni.

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The Joys of Czech food… Score 0%

The Joys of Czech food…

The Joys of Czech foodSomeone once said that the Czech soul is equal parts Food, Beer and Language.

And only the beer goes down easily for most foreigners. Which isn’t to say that the language is ugly and the food bad, but rather that the language is extremely difficult and the food greasy and heavy.

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