Welcome to the latest manifestation of Think Maazine. We wanna start off by thanking all of you who have supported us with your warm comments and encouragement and toleration of all of our typos as we migrate all the old content online to help you find your barings in the wonderful city of Praga.

You must understand that they will occur, as we are not native English speakers; we’re from California. Which brings me to my second point.

We’re sorry if Think seems too Californian, but we couldn’t help it. It’s what we know. Maybe we can sew some Canadian flags on, try to make it look more like it’s from somewhere else, but we just can’t decide which elseplace to look like. Bare with us while we remodel. We’re aiming for the New International.

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With Bush gone, (but his results still coursingg through the world), we were thinking of retro Texas to bring back that post 9-11 feel, but we only have three old west fonts. Hawaiian would be nice, but all those pretty flowers and hula skirts look hella out of place when its minus 30 outside.

So we looked abroad. Originally, we wanted Swedish, or Israeli, with those cool-looking angular fonts and a left to right read, but that wouldn’t work. In the end we settled on the mutt look, a hybrid flavor that is distinctly Prague. We want to reflect our readers. In order to do this, we need feedback. WE WANT FEEDBACK!

It helps us to make you, our readers happier and that, to us, is the only reason we’re doing what all the publishers before us said shouldn’t be done. But we also pull those little tags off the couch and exceed recommended aspirin dosages.


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