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What’s hot in Prague Score 0%

What’s hot in Prague

whats hot in prague

OK. We all know the yoke of evil communism was thrown off many years ago. But someone finally realized that all those signs waved by students during the Velvet Revolution in 1989 actually translated as “We want Mexican food” and a whole new game was afoot.

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Make an Escape to the Outskirts Score 0%

Make an Escape to the Outskirts

Divoka Sarka

It might be cold and snowy right now, but summer comes every year and its never too early to dream about verdant fields of green and nice lakes of aqua joy, so this month, Think takes you to two of our favourite lake areas in Prague’s not too distant ourskirts…

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Circling the Square in Europe’s Perfect Little City Score 0%

Circling the Square in Europe’s Perfect Little City

young czech girls

It’s fashionable to label Prague the Paris or New York of the nineties. If I want Paris or New York, I’ll fly into Charles de Gaulle or JFK. On the other hand, if I’m looking for Baroque town squares, a Gothic synagogue, a theater that saw the premier of Mozart’s Don Giovanni and a castle immortalized by Franz Kafka, I’ll take Prague…

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Code: Mode Summer Edition Score 0%

Code: Mode Summer Edition

After almost four months the increasingly popular market with independent and avant-garde fashion and accessories Code:Mode (Prague Free Fashion Weekend) returns to Prague, this time with a subtitle – Summer.

The enormous interest caused by the Code:Mode in early April in the halls of Karlín confirmed that events of this kind are very popular and attractive nowadays.

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Let’s go to Haje! Score 0%

Let’s go to Haje!

Travel brochures would lead us to believe that the city of a thousand spires is just that, a picturesque medieval fairy-tale land of narrow cobble stone streets flowing with rich frothy pilsner…

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