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We miss you Václav Havel Score 0%

We miss you Václav Havel

farewell Vaclav Havel

Just a year ago, the political body of the Czech Republic saw the heart and light of the nation turned off, and with it, a remarkable and compelling era in Czech history came to a close: Václav Havel had passed away.

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The H.O.G.s are here Score 0%

The H.O.G.s are here

Harley Owners Group in Prague

Dennis Hopper didn’t make it to Prague’s second Harley-Davidson National Rally in Prague this summer, but judging by his age, income, and hophead-turned-high roller status, the darker half of the Easy Rider duo would have fit in well.

(The following is an archived report from the 1990s).

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Lucky Lucaso Score 0%

Lucky Lucaso

Chapeau Rouge on any given night is chock full of freaks, weirdo’s and other assorted scum which, naturally makes it the sort of breeding ground for any twisted gig that might surface on any given night…

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