The influence of advertising is sometimes far more direct, the connection you make to the offer presented you, offering you, in a sense, yourself. Have you ever looked at it that way?

YOU are the house – with the shutters, the bedroom, the furniture which you have carefully polished for years, or even that violin you have such capacity to play, which you in fact own – that is what YOU are. If you removed all of this then you would be nothing at all. To realize for yourself that you are that is great sorrow, but the greatest sorrow is that you should not realize it. Just another billboard on the 20,000 day journey of your life, if you’re lucky that is.

Alas, we at Think offer you for the mere calories expended to lift 30 grams to your eyes, a real break from those day to day traumas and addictions, to those thrilling days of yesteryear when cornflakes were considered ‘health food’, and Rick James was ‘the’ undisputed king of dance music. Yes that was in 1981, at the same time Lydia Lunch began her assault on YOU and everything that stands for.

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To the throne of today’s heaviest and most determined force in rap today, the Wu-Tang Clan, as well as a guilt by association account of how you and I are complicit in the sales, distribution, promotion and trashing of none other than ourselves in ‘The Product is You‘. “Don’t worry, it’s just a phase”, they say.

Isn’t that itch telling you something, send home for shampoo, or ask someone with nice hair what THEY use! The question is, how the mind, deeply conditioned as it is, can change radically. Perhaps those of you who have picked up Think to find out how to realize God or how to have some mysterious experience, will be disappointed; because unless you have a new mind, a fresh mind, eyes that see what is true, you cannot possibly understand the immeasurable, the nameless, that which IS.

In the modern secular age, this means worship of the state religion, which is emerging as the western democracies incorporate the doctrine of submission to the masters of the system of public subsidy, private profit; called free enterprise.

Oh my, it’s all so ticklish. STOP IT NOW! How the hell was little embryo Jesus conceived under a full moon. I’m generalizing again, crucified on the bell curve of nicotine withdrawals, and I guess it’s a good thing Nick Cave is sold out, just like you, ‘burp’.

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