Yes, yes. Everyone and their mother (and their aunt’s uncles and cousins) knows about the world famous Bohemia Bagels.

It’s so famous in fact, that it’s become somewhat more of an institution than a restaurant. But just a couple of weeks ago, they went and completely revamped their menu!

Rolling out some oldies and bringing in a slew of tasty new meals to enhance your bagel, or non-bagel experience.

A wide selection of wraps, Sesame humus delight, new bagel types, new sandwiches (try the Chicken Tikka!) and a slew of other new assorted flavors and sizes, the Bagel continues to do what it has done for the past few years of it’s existence, which is make food so good that you just can’t help but come back again and again.

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Trust me, I’m there every morning, and I keep seeing the same people there every day. And it’s a damned good thing too because they do it oh so well. Just about everything on the menu now is able to pretty much to curb whatever hunger you garner, providing that it’s a bagel you’re looking for. But if not, their new wraps and hummus should pretty much do the trick.

The specials have shifted for a bit but it has opened more of a unique selection of menu items. Check out their breakfast special for the kick to carry your cheap ass into the day. The prices have stayed pretty much the same so don’t be wary of bringing the phat tourist account for the spoils. No need. Fair prices, good bagels and then some. If you haven’t been yet, get your butt out from under the rock and go.

Multiple locations in Prague:
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