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The Sirin Score 0%

The Sirin

cub reporter

The trouble with a story like this is that I simply can’t use it. If I tried my editor would boot me straight out of his nasty little cigar stinking office. You might think I’m speaking metaphorically here, but I’m reporting this accurately. He would literally kick me, right up the back of my bottle green corduroys. Or worse, up the front…

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Everybody’s Got At Least One Score 0%

Everybody’s Got At Least One

Eastern European decay

Jim walked past the gypsies, the bums, and the pseudo anarchists stationed at their respective posts at Praha hlavní nádraží. He caught a fair glimpse of a fair-haired, hat-headed young backpacker who was attracting attention. Jim, being the spectator that he is, spotted a vacant bench and assumed his position of waiting for action, without minding the orange peels and sunflower seed shells which were there first…

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