This particular location brings a few new concepts to the tried and true Bohemia Bagel formulation, without abandoning any of what has made the earlier locations such a success. The primary difference between this latest version and prior incarnations is service – there are actual waiters and waitresses ready to take your order… so that means no more standing in line at a service counter!

This is also the first location where Glenn Spicker and his partners were able to pretty much design the interior as they wished; the concept they went for was ‘classy/modern diner’, and the results are good – it is a comfortable, attractive restaurant likely to pull in passers by on looks alone.


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There are essentially two sides this Bohemia Bagel that you can choose from as you walk in the door (or you can head straight to the register in front of you to order take-out). There’s the left side, which has a more traditional restaurant feel with traditional tables; and the right side, which has the diner-esque booths and a counter to sit at.

Unlike traditional diners however, this counter fronts an attractive bar (fully stocked) with soft blue lighting (really cool at night), rather than a greasy stove with a grizzled old chef with razor stubble and un unlit cig hanging from his lips.

Speaking of grizzled chefs, one of our hosts on this day was the ‘executive’ chef and a partner in the Bohemia Bagel chain, Scott Kelly, who proved to not only be a very friendly host, but also an excellent cook (or at least trainer of cooks, as much of what we ate was prepared while we talked) as the food was uniformly excellent.

I highly recommend the Fettuccine which is comprised of said pasta, shrimp, cilantro, chili peppers, and arugula; it is spicy to just the right degree and each flavor element comes through without overpowering any of the others. The rest of the menu (which is actually at present an abbreviated menu, soon to be expanded) is a mix of Bohemia Bagel of old (Bagel sandwiches, breakfast items, salads, burgers, etc.) and of new (an excellent potato fritter that is a meal all by itself, zucchini pancakes, and soon to arrive oysters, steaks, etc.).

One thing I really like is the plain old simple bagel with cream cheese and jam (the ultimate comfort food). You can get that here too, proving the “Bo” is keeping it real.

As a critic, I would love to complain about something, but that would be difficult and unfair to do, as everything we had, including a couple of glasses of a very nice French Chardonnay, were excellent. So instead of criticism, I offer my congratulations to both Glenn and Scott for putting yet another exciting eatery on Prague’s map. Great job!

Bohemia Bagel Holešovice, Šimáčkova 21, Prague 7, Open daily 11.00 – 02.00

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