When a person goes to Paris, they want an authentic experience that is not just your run of the mill cookie cutter tourist holiday, however this is not always easy with a large number of tourist traps to get caught up in. Today I will talk about some things to think about on your next trip to Paris and how to “live” out your holiday in Paris as a real Parisian would, read on to find out more.



For an authentic experience you naturally want to experience what it is like to live like a Parisian, of course the best option here is to find a holiday apartment in Paris. This could be almost anywhere, but you could even look to stay a little further away from the centre. Perhaps you could try to find accommodation. I strongly recommend that you check out Housetrip for great Paris apartments. 

Go where the tourists don’t go

Tourism is great, but you don’t want to be interacting with every single tourist on your trip, so try to avoid the touristy areas. Of course it is great to be in these places to see the main sights and attractions, but why not do something like picking an area with very few or no attractions at all and see how the people live there. You may find a hidden gem of a cafe, bakery or restaurant that you can keep as your little secret.

 Eat Late


Parisians eat late and so should you, usually this might be anywhere from 8 to 10pm in the evening. You may not be used to this, so make sure you get a few extra baguettes in during the day.

What you eat too is also of great importance, of course you can have McDonalds or something similar, but what fun would that be? The French are overwhelmingly famous for the pride they have in their food, so you should take the opportunity to try some of the best local fare. Personally, I would recommend a beautiful confit duck or steak tartare.

Brush up on your French

Parisians are notorious for their reluctance to speak English, so it is important to dust off that phrase book that you have. It is important to know the numbers, please, and thank you, among other things. You may feel a little strange doing this, but of course the locals will respect you all the more for it, and remember that you are trying to have an authentic experience here!



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