A car accident can result in damage to your vehicle, and sometimes result in you requiring medical treatment that is ongoing, long after the time of the accident. So that you can pay your bills on time and keep your quality of life you will want to file an accident claim for compensation that will cover your expenses during this time of recovery. Finding the right solicitor that is experienced with road traffic accident claims will assure you of submitting the proper claim documentation on time and with accuracy.

How Much Compensation?

The resources at http://shireslaw.com  offer excellent reference tools that can help you with some of the details of your compensation claim. Can you claim medications, your doctor’s appointments, and the therapy that is needed to restore your range of motion? Your solicitor can take the doctor’s diagnosis and prognosis and determine the amount of claim that you should file. Permanent damage to your health can entitle you to £97,500, or if the injury is less severe, your compensation could be from £850 – £9,000. An experienced claims solicitor will be able to calculate the correct amount for the injuries and damage that you have suffered and can advise you accordingly.

When Will You Receive Your Compensation?

Working with a team of professionals like those at http://shireslaw.com can assure you of an expertly completed claim form that is accurate. Accuracy impacts the time that your claim will take, so working with solicitors that know what they are doing will expedite your claim. The seriousness of your accident will also be a factor in the amount of time needed to process your claim. If the accident was minor, you can expect to wait under six months, but if it was more serious, with severe injuries, the process could take over a year. Having experience and know-how working for you can reduce the time that you have to wait for your compensation payment.

The Filing Process

If you have provided accurate and supported documentation about the accident, your solicitor can submit a reliable account of what happened in the accident. If you have pictures and written statements from onlookers, your claim can be substantiated and paid more quickly. Your solicitor will use methods and procedures that have worked well for them in the past, which should ensure you receive your compensation in a timely manner. It is imperative that all parts of the claim form be filled out correctly, that you provide all contact information for everyone involved, and that the details you have recorded and provided regarding the incident present a clear and comprehensive account of what transpired. Should questions arise, expect your solicitor to contact you for further information. You should have all relevant information organised and readily available for your solicitor, in case it is required. If you address any queries with a prompt answer, you will be more likely to receive your compensation faster. Keep in contact with your solicitor and request that they keep you updated on the progress of your claim so that together you can tackle any issues and resolve them successfully and quickly.


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