I mean, you know they mean well, but when the kitchen’s soaked in water, the roof’s caving in, or that kink kink in your neck just won’t go away, it’s time time to get serious.

And that’s just what this is; a serious massage. I’ve been suffering from so many aches and pains since I got here, strained muscles from hauling copies of Think around town, cramps from impossible sexual positions, knots from unruly old ladies on the tram, and after just one relaxing hour of real Thai massage, I was a new man! And the lovely lady who went with to enjoy the two for one special available for PASS card holders, she was feeling like a new woman too.

The complete body massage with oil, begins with some serious muscle manipulations, and before the hour (or go for more!) is over, every little stain in your body has been banished to distant memory. The prices are very affordable, enough to go regularly. and look for their new bigger location opening soon.

Thai World, Ahhh, that feels nice…

Three locations in Prague www.thaiworld.cz www.umamadua.cz

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