When we first arrive in China as tourists, interns or new China expats, it takes a long time to find our favorite restaurants.  Lucky for you, here at Gi2C, we are all about making your China stay and internship in China nice and easy. We’ve saved you the trouble of searching high and low for good eats by talking with some local Chinese about their favorite Beijing restaurants. Here are a few places that made the top of their lists in several different categories. 

Best for local traditional snacks

白魁老号Bai Kui Lao Hao

Longfusi Street, #1 Dongcheng District

BaiKui is the king of all breakfast joints for serving up tons of different kinds of local Beijing delights such as rolled donkey (no actual donkey meat), 8 treasure porridge, and yellow split pea paste cakes. It is one of only a few restaurants in Beijing with a “A” cleanness score, which is an even higher standard than most 5 star hotel restaurants! 

王胖子肉火 Wang Pangzi Lurou Huoshao

80 Gulou W St, Xicheng District

This restaurant wins two awards: best local Beijing food and best English name translation. Once you stop smirking over this restaurant’s literal English name – The Fat King’s Burning Donkey Meat – make sure to have breakfast here at least once. Local residents love this restaurant.

Best Sichuan Food

渝信川菜Yu Xin Chuan Cai

Jianguomen Outer St, #24, Chaoyang District

Sichuan food is known for being spicy, but this restaurant isn’t that hot and the delicious dishes are reasonably priced.

俏江南Qiao Jiang Nan

3 locations in Xicheng and Chaoyang Districts

South Beauty Sichuan restaurant has good service and a wonderful atmosphere, but it is best saved for special occasions as it is slightly on the pricey side. 

Best Hot Pot

聚宝源Ju Bao Yuan 

5 Niujie St, Xicheng District

JuBaoYuan always has a line of people waiting to get in and for good reason. The meat they serve for their hot pot might just be the best in Beijing.

Best Roast Duck

There are two styles of baking roast duck in Beijing. The first is to roast the duck in a hanging furnace and the second way to bake the duck is by using a braising furnace. You should try both kinds of roast duck to see which baking method you prefer. 

便宜坊烤Bian Yi Fang

5 Chongwenmen Outer St, Dongcheng, Beijing, China

Bian Yi Fang is famous for braised furnace roast duck and has over 600 years of history in Beijing. That’s pretty impressive!

全聚德Quan Ju De 

Two are located in Dongcheng District and one in Xicheng District

Quanjude has three locations in Beijing, which are all close to each other. This restaurant is famous for roasting the duck in a hanging furnace and like Bianyifang, it also has an excellent reputation in town.


Best XinJiang Food

新疆大厦饭馆XinJiang DaSha FanGuan

7 Sanlihe Rd, Haidian District

The best, traditional Xinjiang foods in Beijing can be found at Xinjiang Office Restaurant. While the name is uninspiring, the roast whole lamb is legendary.


Best Reasonable Western food

百万庄园西BaiWan ZhuangYuan XiShi CanTing

Wang Fu Jing Da Jie 218, #1, Dongcheng District

The name might be a bit long to remember, but for many locals, this is their favorite place for Western food because the prices are quite good for the quality of food. If you’re a Gi2C intern on a budget, this is the place to go.


This Beijing restaurant guide is brought to you by Gi2C Group. Gi2C has been an internship provider in China since 2008 and has become a leader in the internship industry. Gi2C provides tailor-made opportunities for interns to work for a variety companies in multiple industries based in China.

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