One of the things that defines us as social animals is the physical need our body has for tactile touch…

In fact, a baby that is never touched often grows up to be a psychopath, and then again, so do some who are touched too much.

The key is finding the right balance, and nothing is better for re-aligning your body’s organism is through the ancient art of massage.

Here in the Czech republic, there are a few holistic & new-agey services available, if you look, but not as many as the erotic massages or a clinical pulverizing by a sadistic practitioner with biceps like Sylvester Stallone. But there is an alternative.

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That would be a soothing, relaxing massage in the Thai Tradition will start your week off right, change your attitude, easy your worries, re-align your body’s energy and even fix those sore spots we all carry from day to day.

And all at an affordable price in a clean and serene environment. We don’t just recommend them because they advertise with us, but because it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. It rocks!

Thai World, multiple locations in PRague •

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