There is nothing more exciting or thrilling than traveling around the world. Experiencing new cultures is a great way to become a more well-rounded individual. While traveling is becoming an increasingly popular hobby, many families feel as though they can’t participate.

Although traveling without children is much easier, those with families don’t have to forgo their dreams of travel. Road trips are a great way for young families to see some of the most beautiful places in the world. Here are a few tips for travelers taking toddlers or babies on a road trip:

1. Safety Inspection

One of the most important components of a road trip is a safe vehicle. Families should purchase a vehicle with their toddler or baby in mind. Vans, crossovers and other family vehicles make for great options. These vehicles are safe for children, have enough space to accommodate multiple passengers and are generally affordable. Furthermore, the quest to find auto insurance online at a price you can afford becomes easier when it’s a family vehicle and not a sports car. Before taking a long road trip, it is critical to get a vehicle safety inspection to ensure that all systems and components are working properly. From brakes and airbags to seat belts and lights, families need to be sure that the entire vehicle is operational before embarking on a road trip.

2. Pack the Necessities

When planning a family road trip, many parents worry about what to pack. While items can always be picked-up en route, it is much easier to have everything packed beforehand. Parents should start by listing all items that are used on a daily basis by their toddlers or babies. This is a great starting point for deciding which items need to be brought on the road trip. It is also important for families to find viable replacements for everyday necessities that can’t be brought on the road trip. This may require parents to get creative. The cardinal rule of packing is to start early. Frantically collecting things for a road trip just before departure can only end badly.

3. Provide Entertainment

Road trips require a lot of uninterrupted travel time. This time spent on the road can be very boring for babies and toddlers. This monotony often leads to fits and temper tantrums as children become restless in the car. To help keep children occupied on a road trip, it is important for parents to bring several forms of entertainment geared towards children. This can come in the form of games, movies, music or toys. Some cars even come equipped with screens built-in to the headrests. It is also helpful for parents to take turns sitting with children to keep them occupied.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Toddlers and babies need consistent breaks from a long car ride. Unless families don’t mind driving through constant screaming and crying, it is a good idea to take regular breaks during baby’s first road trip. Not only will this help to calm down the children, but parents also have a chance to stretch and use the restroom. Rest stops are a great place to take breaks because they are located directly off of the highway and have large, grassy areas and restrooms. Gas stations and restaurants are also good places to take breaks when food or drinks are needed.

Traveling with children is often considered to be worse than traveling solo or as a couple. However, a road trip with a toddler or baby is a unique opportunity that every family should experience. This type of travel requires a bit more planning and care, but the extra work is worth the reward. There is nothing cuter than seeing a baby enjoy their first road trip.