2016’s Halloween has definitely been a year of thrill and excitement! The annual events of Halloween in Hollywood has indeed given us the chance to see some incredibly spooky and extreme outfit just as expected.

A few celebrities opted to make a political statement with their costume, while some decided to wear some intricate prosthetics. There are even those who dressed up as the latest viral meme or as their latest film franchise. The Halloween weekend for 2016 was officially 6 feet down under in the grave. However, critics and reflection about the costuming of the A-list celebrities will certainly last for much longer, at least for a couple of days.

The Black Barbie and Ken of Halloween 2016 are none-other than Beyoncé and Jay Z. These two artists are perfectionist when it comes to music, so it was no surprise when they came out with perfect Halloween costumes on Monday night. Even Blue Ivy was dressed-up for the celebration, wearing a black Barbie themed jacket, a wig, and a pink skirt. Jay Z was dressed in a smart tuxedo with silver bowtie, a black wig, and shiny black shoes. Beyoncé, on the other hand wore white and black striped dress with high heels, red lipstick, gold earnings, and had her hair in a ponytail. What was great about their costumes was the Barbie and Ken boxes that started at their waist and bulged above their heads.

The Marvel Comics’ Storm Halloween costume of Khloe Kardashian has been branded as freaking terrible by many. Her recent boyfriend, Tristan Thompson has also been mimicking the Marvel character of Black Panther. And all those who enjoy comic does pretty well know that things didn’t end well for both Storm and Black Panther. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other as per the pictures on Instagram. They even posted a racy snapchat video where Khloe can be seen with the NBA player in a nightclub. She was indeed in the skin of Storm with her metallic painted face, long silver hair, and blue contact lenses.

Kourtney Kardashian looked absolutely frightening as the zombie Bride when she stepped out in Los Angeles. T.V host, Kelly Ripa dressed up beautifully as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, and the glamourous Emily Ratajkowski took up the avatar of the equally glamourous Cleopatra.

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