The decision to move abroad is not one that is taken lightly, it usually means the leaving behind of friends and loved ones as you move on to pastures new. Although you are removed from everything you knew before, there is also the undoubted excitement that comes with it.


It could well be that you’ve moved abroad due to a new job, or perhaps your working days are now firmly behind you and this is the part of your life in which you are embarking on a well-earned retirement.

Whatever the situation that expats find themselves in when embarking on a move to their new surroundings, you can be sure that no two situations are the same and that is what makes a move abroad so interesting.



One aspect that you perhaps need to be wary of is the fact that your network of close friends is now firmly in the distance and it can at times be difficult to integrate yourself into a new community especially if you need to also learn a new language.

The isolation that could potentially come with being an ex-pat’s is one that has become a problem for so many in the past, however it is one that is also easily rectified if you try to integrate yourselves into the town and city you have moved to.

A move to Prague is one that is a very popular choice with British people, a flight time of only three hours means you are not that far away from visiting home as and when required. Not only that but due to its Central Europe location it opens up a whole host of travelling options.

Due to the multitude of trains that are available you can take in many other European cities from the central hub of Prague and the best thing is it can be done over the course of a weekend as the door of the continent is left wide open.

However, if you decide that your fun is to be had more closer to home and you are looking for entertainment in Prague, then that will not be in short supply either. The city has a reach vibrant nightlife with countless bars and restaurants to choose from.

Establishments that will have countless premium Czech lagers to choose from as you look to unwind after a busy day or even week at work. However, there’s not just the opportunity to eat, drink and be merry there is also the chance to strike it rich in a number of Prague’s high-class Casinos.


These establishments are a hub of activity on any given day or night as the opportunity to have a spin on the Roulette wheel or test your Poker face is one that is very much enticing, not only that but from an ex-pat’s point of view they offer the perfect opportunity to meet people.

The Casino is a very warm and friendly environment, from the outset you can see the bright lights upon entry and this is something that will undoubtedly get the pulses racing before you try your luck on the blackjack table or maybe play some slot games on the range of slot machines.

What better way to get to know other Prague residents as you have the shared pursuit of riches, imagine the feeling that you and a stranger have both put all your chips on number 7. A spin of the roulette wheel later and you may well have come up trumps.

And of course, if that were to happen then there is only one thing left to do, that of course being a celebratory drink. From there the conversation will most likely flourish, with the only real decision being whether to stick or twist once more.

If this is something that sounds appealing to you then you can always visit the highly recommended Rebuy Stars Casinos that are situated around the city. Of the three branches that can be found in the vicinity of Prague the pick of the bunch has to be the Casino Savarin.

This Casino can be found not all that far away from the Old Town, although with that said there is nothing old about this establishment. With it being open 24 hours, their doors are always welcome to anyone who fancies a flutter.

Upon entry you can pick up the nod to Las Vegas, as the American theme is current throughout. All the usual Casino tropes are here such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Slots so there is more than enough to keep you entertained.

Not only that but there are a wide range of food and drinks available so as to make sure you don’t waste away while using a different kind of Chips. The customer experience is second to none, with the staff being as warm and friendly as one would hope if not expect.



Come weekends the place certainly comes alive and becomes one of the most vibrant hubs in the city, this is the place to be and if you are an expat it’s also one of the best locations to meet new people and foster burgeoning relationships to go with it.

Ones that should go on to improve your expat experience. Ultimately your experience living abroad is what you make of it, sometimes it does not quite live up to what people had first expected and their dream ideals do not come to fruition.

That can be down to a number of reasons, for example it could be the language is too difficult to master or the weather is too oppressive, it could even be down to the simple fact that you have become homesick.

But if you can get out and about and more importantly tap in to ex-pat networks such as these, then the transition from your old home to your new home is one that should be a lot smoother. Once that happens then the fun can really begin, fun you can definitely find in a Casino.стоимость air flowmelatfamous moscowлобановский политик