“You’re drunk Pizza, go home!”

In the early years of Pizza Go Homes’ existence, many a Prague expat would be loathe to even keep their number in the house.

Sure, they were the only joint in town that delivered, and they were open all night long, but even that was not enough to intice. But like all things, practice makes perfect, and they’ve finally gotten the basics down and even expanded into new convienent locations.

A good, cheap pie, with many varieties to choose from (try the Mexican if you like spicy onion), all crispy and with no ketchup, are about 100Kc or so for a good sized medium. These can be had just by calling 283 870 000 or Skype them at: pizzagohome, and it’ll be at your door in about 1/2 an hour. They have drinks, cigarettes and booze as well. And as Prague’s reining delivery pizza kings, they deliver all this for just 35Kc.


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