With a name like ‘The Shot Out Eye’, you know you can’t go wrong with this place.

Named in honor of one-eyed Hussite general Jan Žižka (look for his horseback monument on a hill close by), the pub offers a soothing outdoor woodland terrace in summer, teeming with young folk having their fill of Radegast and hip conversation.

Situated right next to a railway line, dusky hours can seem even a little more romantic, before they built the train tunnel throught the moutnain, it used to come tooting by amidst the smell of nature around you. But things change!

Come rain, take refuge in the pub inside which is informal and cozy, or give the tearoom upstairs a try.

And if you see a German lass named Annabelle, a conversation with her might reveal that U Bozich bojovnike means ‘Street of the Godfighters’, if you’re into that sort of trivia.

U božích bojovníků 606/3, 130 00 Praha-Žižkov www.uvoka.cz. Tel: +420 222 540 465, Bus 133 or 207, 2 stops from: Metro Florenc on Konevova

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