Their restaurant just off Parizska street has a nice sidewalk table set up for when the weather is nice, and large picture windows to provide a nice view in the early evenings as the sun settles over the picturebook Josefska area.

The Vinohrady location caters more to families and is located in a spacious basement, where the House Brothers have thrown many a great party.

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The great thing about Modra Zahrada is that they’ve mastered a very tricky pizza specialty, at least as far as this region is concerned: the Quatro Formaggi, or Four Cheeses pizza.I say this because almost every place that has the guts to offer this rich and heavy pizza can only get about 3 of the 4 cheeses right.

One place (which shall remain nameless) even put Blue Cheese Salad Dressing on my pizza! That this would never happen here, as well as the prices, make it a weekly must go for any serious pizza lover.

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