Tired of the crowded, over-priced pizzerias around centrum? Try Il Pizzeria Pinocchio!

Rarely is there a wait for seating and the menu is cheap. The atmosphere is cozy enough, and the decor is minimalist, with only a few shelves of pasta jars to fill the eye. But don’t let this put you off, because the pizza is exceptional and fills the tummy.

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They offer a thin, crispy crust, a zesty tomato sauce and plenty of cheese. On the downside, sometimes it’s served overcooked, but even then it’s still worth scarfing down. Of course, the menu offers oodles of pasta (hence the pasta jars are functional), but it’s the pizza that keeps ’em coming back.

Komořanská 157/11, 143 00 Prague, ram stop: Nádraží Modřany www.pizzeria-ilpinocchio.cz

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