So when I find a new place that’s got what I want, late at night, and can more than satisfy me for under 150Kc, I’m a happy girl. A friend had given me a tip that the pizzas here were pretty good, so I thought I try it out and let you know what I found. Right away, it was easy to tell that this place is going to be a regular stop for me.

Greeted first by the wonderful aroma, my empty stomach started to rumble – loudly. After the pleasant server took our order I let my eyes have their little feast. Situated in a large space, each table is given plenty of room and almost everyone can find a window seat or a cozy corner.

Colorful murals, tall ceilings, and Roman columns contribute to a airy and friendly atmosphere free of stifling smoke clouds. It’s the staff that really lets you know you’re welcome. Rarely can you have such good service for a cheap eat.

A friend, knowing I would be there, called looking for me. Having never been there before, I was totally surprised when the manager came up to our table and asked for me by name, led me to the office and handed me the phone with a smile.

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The kitchen offers not only pizzas in two different sizes, but pub fare, Mexican, and American favorites as well. Having eaten a lot of pizza lately, I thought I’d opt for something different. Always happy to have several vegetarian options to choose from, I decided on something I haven’t had in Prague… well… ever.

A baked potato piled high with just the right amount of butter, sour cream, and cheese topped off with four spears of fresh broccoli steamed to perfection! The only disappointment was that there was no skin to munch on while I waited for dessert. While my “baked potato” was really lots of little potatoes mashed together, wrapped in foil and shaped like a monster spud, my tastebuds and tummy were happily fooled.

My friend’s nachos were oh-so-tasty, but were more like a casserole than the munching crunching kind of thing I usually go for. Judging by the flavors of the seasoned chicken, the burritos should be exactly what you’re after when you’re craving a Tex-Mex treat.

What’s really going to excite you is that these guys deliver anywhere in Prague, to your home or office and they’re open until 2AM. It can take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, but it’s well worth the wait. The delivery menu is limited to pizzas, pub fare, and chicken wings. Choose between honey mustard or hot and spicy.

From IP Pavlova it’s a quick 5 minute ride on the 11 to Nam. Bratri Synku. The 18 and the late-night 56 will get you there too. You can’t miss it! So go and quiet the rumble in your belly and enjoy yourself.

nam. bratri Synku 5/1, Praha 4, Tel: +420 692 4341 Tram 11 nebo/or 18

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