Located right next door to the now closed Bohemia Bagel shop, Ujezd is not really a cafe but a breather room upstairs above the bar.

Chessboards here for enthusiasts. Banana and pear juices topped with cream are quite yummy, but one drunk guy’s favorites are Vodka Bozenka andthe Vodka Rasputin.

What does it mean to have your pen thrown across the bar and your book confiscated when the guy asks why you want to know the best drinks and you answer you’re writing for Think?

Ah. But out of a sense of equanimity I feel compelled still to publish his picks. Ha!

Újezd 18, Praha 1, Czech Republic, Tel: +420 602 196 386, Open Mon – Sun: 2:00 pm – 4:00 am, Tram 9, 12, 22, 23 Open: late- at least 1AM!!

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