Located around the corner from the Jazz Bar at the entrance to the theological part of Charles University facilities.

This is the traditional Charles U. student hang-out. A leather couch, but be aware: it is the favorite sleep-spot of one student employee’s dog, and this dog has the right away. Nothing wrong with a chair anyway right? Music choices are eclectic and depend on which student is running the place that evening. Full menu of cigarettes, herbal teas, cigarettes, fruit juices, and cigarettes. Cheapest Becherovka in Prague in a generous shot, plus good prices on absinthe and wines. Open ’til 10 PM. But it’s actually open a lot later than that if you smile at the locked gate and look like a friendly student.

10 Černá Prague, 11000 Nearest Metro: Narodni trida Located at the entrance to the theological faculty of Charles University

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