Strap on some new shoes and treat yourself to some good food and booze. And if you choose the Goose, you can’t lose. Potrefena husa, the Targeted Goose.

Where the waiters don’t wait to bring you your plate and whatever you eat is bound to be great whether it be just afternoon or half past nine, you’re bound to wind up feeling alright.

They got groovy soups that come in bread. They got TV tubes for your head. They got steers and beers from around the world. They got cocktails that’ll leave your tail curled. They got kick-ass steaks and fish & chips, for goodness sakes, that make you smack your lips. They got buffalo wings and dynamite salads and the last time I was there I even think I heard them playing Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads.

Like it says on the menu, Potrefena husa’s goal is to “renew one of [our] country’s most pleasant traditions; the culture of drinking beer.” Now I don’t know about you, but when I think of beer, culture don’t really come into the picture. I think: McKenzy Brothers. The Husa makes me think: micro-brewery-esque Buck Rogers sports saloon, with a pulse and good eats.

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Whatever it makes you think, I think you’ll agree that they’re on to a good thing. And don’t think you got to be no rock star to afford it either. Prices are nice as ice. And the service is dandy to boot. ‘Tis a rare thing indeed in Prague to go somewhere where you can relax and not have to worry about being made to feel as a burden to those serving you; even if that’s exactly what you are.

While it might not be a place where everybody knows your name, it does seem to me to be so that they are relatively appreciative of the fact you came. I’m just going to go ahead and say that Potrefena husa is one of the best pubs in Prague and let the tortilla chips fall where they may. Hopefully, they’ll fall into some real salsa.

While they have several more outlets around the country, the original Potrefena husa is on Vinohradska, smack dab in between the Jiriho z Podebrad and Flora metro stations remains the fave. The eleven tram goes right past it’s big clean windows. Give it a shot. In the immortal words of Indiana Jones – “trust me.”

But if you go, have patience grasshopper, Potrefena husa is usually packed; for a reason.

Vinohradska / Kolinska 19, Prague 3, Tel: 6731 0360,,, Metro: Jiriho z Podebrad, Tram: 11

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