U Medvídků is a classic restaurant in rustic style with an appropriate interior. An excellent place for a midday break. The food is varied, rich and Czech, and the prices affordable.

Served by a waitstaff reminiscent of the struggling actors and artists of your favorite Dying Empire(tm). This good pub reminds one of the closeness of Barvarian and bohemian cultures, I would recommend the schnitzels and the mushroom chicken, but I’d stay away from the beer-cheese, (it does look curious).

Bright and cheery with menus in Deutsche and English, and of course, Czech. Also, you can create some confusion by asking someone to translate the beermats. It’s less than a hundred crowns and don’t feel shy about sharing a table. Dobrou chut!

And where is and what did they do with the other bear?

– (Voted ‘Prague’s Best Traditional Hospoda’ in Think reader survey) Na Perstyne 7, 110 00 Praha 1, Tel: +420 224 21 19 16, email: info@umedvidku.cz, www.umedvidku.cz, Open daily from 11.00 to 23.00, Metro: Narodni trida

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