Autumn is a beautiful time of year for traveling. With the leaves turning vibrant colors of red, orange and brown, and that bright crisp coming into the air, you can’t help but smile as you wrap that scarf around your neck and head off to explore a new destination. And autumn is especially beautiful in Europe, a place with so many great getaways to visit. So this autumn, take a break and explore a gorgeous European destination!

Why travel Europe in the fall?

You probably already know that summer is the high season for European travel. So in the autumn, as the temperatures drop, the prices for hotels and flights will drop as well. You can score some cheap airfares to visit some of your favorite destinations. And there will be fewer tourists around, which means shorter lines and a more relaxed experience. Many spots in Europe are also very hot in the summertime, so you’ll enjoy much cooler weather which makes sightseeing more pleasant! And if you love to connect with locals, the autumn is a great time to go. Many locals go on holiday during the summer and return for the autumn, so you’ll have more of a chance to interact with local people.


Top autumn destinations in Europe

Where are the best places to go in the autumn? We’ve picked out some great spots that offer the best of everything:



While Paris is gorgeous any time of year, the autumn is especially great because the weather is still pleasant, but crowds have gone way down. You absolutely must experience Paris with fewer people than the high season! Get incredible views of the city in full color from the top of the Eiffel Tower at this time of year.


You’ll find pleasant temperatures in Lisbon during the autumn, still warm but with far fewer people. It’s also known as one destination with great prices for accommodation, so put Lisbon on your itinerary if you’re traveling on a budget. You can still visit the beaches in the autumn and even get a suntan!


The Andalusian region of Spain can be unbearably hot in the summer months, but you don’t want to miss out on all the fascinating culture and history here. Visit in autumn to meet the locals and enjoy this gorgeous city in cooler weather, along with delicious tapas and wine.


During the autumn, Prague fills with gorgeous markets selling all sorts of seasonal good like handcrafts and local foods and wine. It’s a very festive time of year, with outdoor music performances, art and lots of great energy in the air. And Prague has so many beautiful places to visit that you’ll never want to leave. The photo opportunities in the autumn in front of Prague Castle are absolutely priceless.


This charming capital of Hungary isn’t one of the most well-known European destinations, which makes it a great choice if you’re looking to experience a local culture without tons and tons of tourists. And in the fall, you’ll especially love the cozy and hearty local cuisine. Hungarians love to eat goulash, a rich meat dish served with potato dumplings.

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