When you are upgrading your bathroom with a new shower, there are a few key things to consider to make sure you get the best shower for your needs. Because there is a wide range of showers available on the market today, ask yourself these questions to find out what suits you best.


How Much Space Do You Have In Your Bathroom?

Buying a new shower cabin is exciting but you don’t want to end up in the sad position of choosing your ideal cabin then discovering you can’t quite fit it in your bathroom. Some modern shower enclosures are extremely large and made for two people – these are ideal for a spacious master bathroom but obviously won’t fit in a small guest bathroom. You also need to consider if you want a regular shower enclosure, a walk-in shower, or to create a shower wet room – this last option is a good idea for a bathroom with plenty of space to separate the wet room from the toilet and mirror.

Which Bathroom is it For?

Where is your shower cabin going to go? The master bathroom? The children’s shower room? Or an en-suite? The shower cabins from http://www.jtspas.co.uk/shower-cabins-372-c.asp are designed for different spaces. An en-suite requires a shower cabin to fit into a small space, and you probably won’t want to put all the features and extras into a shower cabin for the guest bathroom. You can save these for the master bathroom shower.

Where in the Room Will It Go?

The positioning of the shower cabin in the room is also important. Fortunately there are many different showers available so if you need the cabin to go in the corner, you can find corner enclosures. Or if you want the shower to be in the centre of the wall you can choose a fully-enclosed cabin so you don’t need to worry about water leakage. Consider whether you will be replacing the plumbing – if not, the shower should be located in the same position as the old shower so you don’t have as much disruption.

Do You Need a Tray?

Many shower enclosures are sold in separate parts so you need to get the glass walls and door, as well as the shower tray. It is easier to get the entire enclosure together so you can be sure the shower tray will fit without leaks.

Do You Need Tiles?

If you can’t stand tiling, make sure that you install a shower cabin that is fully enclosed on all sides. No need for tiles as the water will be kept within the enclosure. On the other hand, if you have set your heart on some particular tiles for decoration, choose a frameless shower and fit the enclosure to the wall with the tiles behind, which will stand out behind the glass. If you are making a wet room you will need to tile all the walls and the floor in order to allow the water to drain away.

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