I call it this, because when I go there, seated at every table is some well dressed New Czech couple, complete with multiple mobile devices.

Grosetto’s welcomes you always with taste and decorum, and while there might be a short wait for a table, once one becomes available you’ll be escorted to the dining area, where a basket of fresh bread with an addictive herb butter spread keeps appearing until the pizza arrives.

They are masters of the pizza craft here, so skip the other menu items and taste perfection. Once your pizza comes however, you dissapear from the staffs’ mind, so be patient in trying to get your check.

And in interest of "Fair and Balanced" reportin’;

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The Dark Side of Grossetto, by Keith Kirchner

Although I was dissappointed the first time I sat down in Grossetto pizzeria at Nam. Miru, I am delighted to report that they are probably the cream of the crop in an overcrowded field, and not just because I live next door. These days every Tom, Dick or Jiri thinks he can make a pizza; most suffer from an inferior tomato sauce (without distinction), strange canned mushrooms and toppings, and the typical unforgiving service.

In all three areas Grossetto scores highly. The sauce is zesty and the crust is invariably just a tad on the crusty side (the opposite of Narodni trida style), the ingredients are fresh, and the service is top quality, even going as far as putting the needs of the customer pretty close to where it belongs.The maitre’des are quick and courteous, and no one is concerned that they might be bogarted in the cue. The big windows and split level dining area promises privacy at most every table, and the workhorse chefs and all those fresh veggies is in full view of the customers. The pastas’ are generally solid, even if the pizzas are the real treat, and are priced between 100 and 125 crowns like the pies.

The beverages are where they make their profit as soft drinks are all about 30 or higher, the deserts are average, and are also fairly priced. Some of the pizzas are unusual in their mixture of flavors, but succeed quite well; the Adriatica spares the tomatoes for a heavy cream sauce that sets off the tuna, ham, and onions perfectly; the Grossetto mixes 4 cheeses, including niva, and breast of chicked for a tangy treat; and the Carpaccio uses a nice quality of beef.

The restaurant is sometimes crowded but they do a fine job of getting you pizza to go in about ten minutes (believe it!) so you can grab one on a busy saturday night with your significant other and a video.

There is also a Grossetto in Hradcanska.

2 Locations: Francouzska 2, Prague 2, tel.: +420/224 252 778 Metro: Namesti Miru, Tram: 4, 10, 16, 22, 23 and Jugoslavskych partyzanu 8, Prague 6, +420/233 342 694, Metro: Dejvicka, Tram: 2, 20, 26 grosseto@volny.cz, www.grosseto.cz

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