It won’t be long before the warm weather shows it’s face again. When it does, lots of travelers will be planning a road trip excursions near and far. What better way to combine comfort and fun than to take a recreational vehicle? You can get away from the norm, experience the outdoors, create lasting memories, and all without the headache or expense of booking flights or hotel reservations.  But if you’re going to travel during the summer there is one thing you should know – it can get really hot in that camper.

Fortunately, this is minor issue with RVing can be remedied fairly easy. Here are a few tips to beating the heat on your camper road trip this summer:

Use the Air Conditioner

If you have an air conditioner in your RV it can be very beneficial to cool things off. To keep the energy costs low it is ideal that you use energy-saving settings and take advantage of cool nights by turning off the ac and letting the breeze flow through your RV windows.

Make Use of Window Shades

Your camper is sitting in the sun all day long making the inside temperatures uncomfortable. You can ward off some of that heat by using window shades. RV day night shades are great for this. When the sun is at its highest and scorching down on your camper, you can pull down the shades to block the heat.

New Light Bulbs

You may not be aware of this but traditional incandescent lights exude a lot of heat. If they’re installed all over your camper this can crank those temperatures up high. Switching to LED bulbs can save energy and get rid of that excess heat.

Get Creative with Cooking

Using the stove or oven is surely going to send heat rolling through your RV. You can fix that by finding other methods to prepare your meals. You can cook at night when it’s cooler and microwave meals during the day. You might consider investing in a crockpot. You could also consider eating cold dishes like salads and sandwiches to avoid having to cook. If you’re good with a grill, outdoor cooking might also be a lot of fun.

Other Ways to Keep Cool on a Summer Road Trip

An energy-efficient air conditioner, proper window shades, LED bulbs, and creative cooking are all sufficient ways to keep the RV cool during the summer. Here are a few more tips that aren’t directly related to the camper, but will still help you and the family stay cool.

  • Water Activities – You might not want to be caught on a hike in the dead of summer if the temperatures are too high, but going for a swim, fishing, rafting, and other watersports are fun, adventurous, and a great way to beat the heat.

  • Stay Hydrated – Be sure to keep plenty of water on hand and in your RV to remain hydrated. A refreshing cup of cold ice water can make all the difference.

  • Go Indoors During the Day – You don’t have to stay in your camper all day on your summer trip. To keep cool try to find things to do indoors. Go to a nearby museum, go shopping, eat out at a nice restaurant, just find something that’s in a cool facility to enjoy.

The summertime is the perfect time of year for most people to travel. The weather is right for outdoor excursions, the kids are out of school, and there are plenty of campsites and activities to indulge in. If you’re planning a summer road trip in your RV, remember to beat the heat by using the tips advised above.