Las Vegas is a truly unique city and one which offers tourists an incredible amount of things to do. Whilst the city does of course have the reputation for being the world’s mecca for gambling, there is much more to this incredible city than just that. During your time in Vegas you will no doubt be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of things to do and so we have put together this list of essential experiences which you must have during your time in Las Vegas.

Gambling may not be the only thing to do in Vegas, but it would be a crime not to visit the city and fail to chance your arm at a few casino games. There are casinos as far as the eye can see and within pretty much every hotel in Vegas, you’ll find a casino. If this is your first time then why not do a bit of research before you go so that you know what to expect, you can learn to play all the popular Vegas Casino games online so that when you arrive, you’ll know exactly how to best approach the game.

See The Fountains
Outside the world famous Bellagio hotel are a huge collection of fountains which put on something of a show every hour. Usually accompanied to music, these fountains shoot water high up in the sky as lights dance around the water. This is a free event which you can see from the streets and it is absolutely magnificent.

Paris, Venice, New York
You can quite literally see the world in Las Vegas thanks to hotels such as New York New York, The Venetian and Paris Las Vegas. As you walk down the strip you’ll see the Venetian with its water network and gondolas floating around, a little further and you’ll spot a replica of the iconic Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Even the aforementioned fountains of the Bellagio are based upon Lake Como in Italy and you can see all of these landmarks within a square mile of each other.

See a Show
Vegas is all about entertainment and throughout the city there are many men and women who are looking to get their big break in the industry. The type of shows which you can see are very broad ranging and you can see live magic, comedy, burlesque, drag acts, stage shows and musicals in one of the many theatres in the city. From big name acts to young up and comers, there are a lot of shows to choose from in Las Vegas.

Wine Tasting
Beneath the Rio hotel you will find one of the best kept secrets on the Vegas strip, The Rio Wine Cellar and Tasting Room which has a $10 million plus collection of wine just waiting to be sampled. If you want some time away from the madness, this is the perfect place for you where you can learn about and enjoy a wide variety of fine wines, before heading back to the craps table.

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