Prague is a city that everyone should see at some point. It’s majestically beautiful, full of history and sightseeing that even the most seasoned traveller will marvel at.

To help you discover Prague, we’ve put together our top tips and best advice for exploring the city.

5 ways to discover Prague

1. Take a walking tour

A walking tour is a great way to discover a new city, but for Prague – it is the only way. The cobbled streets, quaint housing style and medieval essence of the city make Prague what it is and this magic needs to be discovered on foot. There are lots of great tour companies and they usually meet near the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square at 10am. You’ll have the chance to discover the main sites like the Old Town Square, Prague Castle, Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge etc and learn all about the vivid history of the city.

2. Visit the Old Town Square

Even though you will have discovered the town square on your walking tour, take a few hours and head back to hang out. It’s such a beautiful place and sitting here, people watching – you really get to soak up the Prague vibes. Tourists, families and wanderers go back and you’ll also find that all types of musicians play here – so eat your lunch and enjoy the sights and sounds of Prague.

3.  Head to Kutna Horra

Visit this famous tone and explore the really rat creepy bone church – Sedlec Ossuary. Containing 40,000 – 70,000 bones this is a real experience. It takes around 15 minutes to take the tour of the church, so when you’ve finished head back into Kutna Horra. There’s a lot to see and do here including exploring the medieval churches, the views and the large town square – it’s quite like Prague city without the tourist crowds.

4. Explore the past

The Jewish quarter is perhaps one of the most poignant and popular tourist attracts in Prague. Hitler saved the Jewish quarter it from Nazi destruction because he wanted to make the area a museum to the lost Jewish race. Today the museums, synagogues, and historic graveyard in the area stand to honour the history of what was one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe.

The John Lennon is also a must see for lovers of history. The wall is situated near the neighbourhood of Kampa. Towards the end of Communism in the 1980s, students started writing John Lennon lyrics on this wall as a way to express their opinions and today, the wall represents love and peace. Tourists are allowed to write or paint on it too – so bring a long a marker and leave your mark.

5. Discover Petrin Park

The biggest and most magnificent park in Prague, this place has unbeaten views. Complete with a garden, a lookout tower and a maze – this is a truly wonderful park that you simply must see when in Prague. It’s so relaxing and scenic and its vast amount of trees and scenery transport you to a place so different to the city. Petrin park is situated on a huge hill so if you aren’t up for walking then take the funicular that can take you down (and up) the hill if you don’t feel like making the trek.

Whatever your plans for visiting Prague, we recommend taking your time and enjoying everything the city has to offer. There are currently some great deals with Expedia to Prague, so you’ll have no excuse but to wander off and discover this beautiful and historical city.


Main image courtesy of Pixabay

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