About 15 years ago I was given a poster which I hung in my room, it took center stage and was the first thing I saw everyday. The poster was given to me by my mother after she had spent a week in Prague with her sister, I could tell by the way she was telling me stories about her trip that it was an amazing place. I was mesmerised by her stores about a city that I barely knew, I could just about point it out on the map at that age. She chose to stay in one of the many apartments in Prague, they are usually located in beautiful old buildings and highly recommended!


Recently I was fortunate enough to follow in my dear mother’s footsteps and spend a weekend in Prague, I just have one word – WOW! I had limited time so I stuck to my mum’s advice and visited all of the major tourist attractions, that isn’t something that I often do but it was just perfect! I wanted to spend a few more days there just soaking up the atmosphere and exploring more this fantastic city.


Here are 3 places I was lucky to see and would class as ‘must see and do’ things in one of Europe’s best capital cities.


Hit the old square

If you’re like me and love to sit outside, people watch and sip on a nice local beer then this should be your first stop! You could easily while away the hours watching life go by, the square is full of street vendors and even when the weather is a bit lousy it is lit up with vibrant colours. There is only one side about going to the old square, it is difficult to drag yourself away because it’s tempting to stay there all day. It became our routine to go there for at least an hour each day! If you’re looking for a great view of the square and love taking photos then you should head up to the top of the Old Town Square.


Listen to the local tunes

One of the biggest surprises for me in Prague was the amount of musicians plying their trade on the street. There’s something quite special and romantic strolling along a road in Prague listening to music being played beautifully. You will hear all music from a man with a guitar to a full band out the road for your entertainment. You won’t only find them in the square because they are all over Prague, if you can find a cafe next to a good performer then you’re in for a real treat. The standard is very very high indeed, make sure you give them a little for brightening up the airwaves for you.


Eat until you can’t eat anymore


Right then, here’s some good and bad advice – leave any healthy eating or diet plans at the departure lounge. There are so many tasty treats on offer in Prague that it would be a crime not to try as many as is humanly possible. I don’t need to list everything because trust me you will find them, but I have to tell you to try a trdelnik, this is a cylinder like cake, it is made from dough that is wrapped around a tick and grilled over an open fire, it is then rolled ion sugar and cinnamon! If you really want to be unhealthy then do what I did and get one caked in Nutella, you now it makes perfect sense! I am craving one right now!

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