If you want to visit London but don’t want to get trapped in the hassle of all the typical London tourists, there is a solution. The hotel ambassadors Bloomsbury, is conveniently located just 3.2 miles from the centre of the City. This 4 Star hotel offers someone the opportunity to see the real London, the London not featured in every travel blog, only perhaps an adventure travel blog as it is ideally situated within a mile from the authentic part of the city, like the Charles Dickens Museum, The London Canal Museum, The British Museum, The British Library and other places that make up the authentic London, like Cartwright Gardens.

The Charles Dickens Museum, known as Dickens House is located just 0.6 miles from the hoteland is the fully restored beautiful Georgian house that the great author actually lived in. From this address at 48 Doughty Street, the novels depicting a true insight into how life was really like for Londoners were written. From within the walls of this famous house, great books like Oliver Twist were first put on paper, enabling Dickens to become recognized as one of the world’s greatest authors.

The London Canal Museum is featured in many travel blog and is also located just 0.7 miles from the hotel. This unique museum is located in the old warehouse of the famous ice cream maker Carlo Gatti and so the museum has two themes, the history of London’s canals and also the history of ice and ice cream making in London. Being the only museum that features England’s internal waterways, it is probably the only place where you can get an insight as to how the canals were built, used and also of how the people that built them and used them lived, including a display showing the inside of one of the famous narrow boat cabins.

At just 0.5 miles from the hotelis another blog favourite, The British Museum. By exploring the over 2 million objects in this great museum, you can learn, among other things, the 4,000 year history of money from shells to cell phones, the 5,000 year history of writing including Chinese script and cuneiform plus ancient Egypt, games and exploration.

A mere 0.2 miles from the hotelisthe world’s largest library, by number of catalogued books, with over 14 million within it. The British Library is the nation’s official library and contains some very impressive works, including some that date back to 2,000 BC. It was noted in one travel blog that there are 3 million new books added each year, requiring 6 miles of new shelf space.

Nothing depicts the true London better than the grand Georgian Houses like those that make up Cartwright Gardens located 0.1 miles from the hotel. The houses in the gardens are now shared by hotels and halls of residence for the University of London and have recently undergone renovation to allow better public access.

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