Moving overseas to work, retire or for a new adventure can bring many different challenges. You may have to adjust to things such as the climate, culture, language and even the food. Of course one of the more pressing issues is finding friends and meeting new people. 


You will have no doubt built a solid circle of friends back home and will also have the support of your family. So when it comes to the expat life you really do need to be proactive and put yourself out there to meet new people. 

There are always the obvious ways that you can find new people to socialise with; work colleagues, sports clubs, book clubs and theatre groups are sure fire winners. When it comes to dating, especially at a more mature age, it can be tricky to know where to look if you’re an expat.

The good news is that single and mature dating is much easier than you think if you’re an expat. So don’t be shy, reserved or unconfident because with the tools available to you there is no reason why you won’t be having a date with a fellow expat in no time at all. 

Gone are the days when online dating was something people did quietly. It is, without question, the most popular way to meet new people. With a busy schedule and many other commitments the easiest way to meet people is by putting your profile online and being able to read about other people from your office or home. 

Using a mature dating site has the added benefit of making sure that you are more likely to meet people with similar interests, hobbies and is someone you think you could enjoy your time with. Expat communities can sometimes be tricky to negotiate because they are often quite small. This means that finding the perfect person to spend your time with is not as straight forward as you think, but with online dating sites you are sure to be much more successful.

So what are you waiting for? Get online now, register your profile, put up some photos of you looking your best and get ready to get back out into the world of dating. Expat life can sometimes feel lonely but it really doesn’t have to be. Happy dating!

Have you tried online dating sites whilst you lived abroad? I would love to hear your stories or any advice that you have for the rest of our expat communities. Just pop your thought down in the comment section below. 

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