This is a cafe and gallery that advertises beautiful art in a beautiful setting.

Going through the door is like walking into a giant Zen zone. It exhibits all sorts of relaxing images for every personality: photography, paintings, explorations of the human mind on flat surfaces.

Relaxing tea in the cafe will send you to sleep before you decide what to buy, but for the caffiene lover, you can bring a bongo to beat the shit out of after work when it gets more visitors. There is a lecture space in the basement club for lectures and from what I’ve seen, the girls who favour this place give the artwork some competition in the beauty contest…

Scarabeus Gallery is located in Prague’s Letna 7, near Sparta stadium, Jana Zajíce 7, Praha 7, Tel: +420 233 383 745, Fax: +420 233 370 165, Mobile: +420 603 552 758,

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