Do you have family or friends in another country, miles apart and do you feel the need to constantly stay in touch with them? A very basic human need as it is, with technology at your behest, it is not really difficult to do so.  You can now use a mobile recharge app to transfer credit and use it to be in touch! The world has now become a small place and people cross seven seas without much of a thought for work, studies or for settling abroad. Far away from your motherland, you crave to hear your local language, updates from your loved ones and the familiar clatter that once woke you up in the mornings! All of this is now just a mobile app away!

Mobile technology enables you to stay in touch with people from different countries as also transfer credit to your loved one’s mobile so that the talking never stops!  A few services will never fail you in this although it is better to do some research before you land in a foreign country. So what mobile apps can you use for easy transfer of money to your near and dear ones, living abroad?

Mobily credit transfer service enables you to transfer money from an active prepaid customer to another Mobily customer. You can now show your loved ones that you care for them by surprising them with a credit transfer at times when they themselves are unable to do so. This especially helps in times of distress when a person can’t get a recharge card in time. The credit sender however needs enough credit in his account to do the transfer and the fees are a little steep. Also, you need to do multiple transfers for sending a decent amount of credit as transaction maximums are low.

Vodafone money transfer app which is also popularly known as M-Pesa can be used for transferring credit. You can use this app to send and receive money, to top-up your airtime or make outstanding bill payments. However, the service is restricted to a select few countries and charges are a little hefty. Also, the app limits the total amount that can be transferred and the number of times that it can be transferred!

A few other smaller apps allow you to transfer money but on the condition that both the users are subscribers to the same service and are using a similar phone. One standalone app that allows you to transfer credit to a multitude of countries and to any phone is Sendly!

VoIP provider Rebtel has now taken a plunge into a credit transfer service known as Sendly that allows almost anyone in the world to send money to their friends and loved ones! This credit can then be used to top up prepaid phones for international texting and calling purposes. All you need to do is download the app on your phone and have the phone number of the person you wish to send the credit to. You can choose the amount that you want to send and on completion of the transaction, the money automatically gets converted into mobile credit. Sendly proves to be advantageous especially in terms of its global usage. Use it in European, American, African and Asian countries alike! It is easy and quick transfer and most importantly, you use it at a reasonable cost! Since Rebtel has tie-ups with over 60 global mobile operators, the fees charged by the company are way lower than other service providers! Try it to believe it!

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