Well, it’s that time of year again, those horrible early year months when the warm memories of Christmas are long past but the prospect of the summer heat is a too far away to really feel. There is only one effective way to combat these early springtime blues, and that is to start planning for your sun drenched, carefree summer holiday! As with every year, certain destinations come in and out of fashion, and this article is here to guide you towards the top five nightlife holidays available in 2015. There is nothing left to do but book your flights, buy single trip insurance, pack your beach towel and away you go!

1. Ibiza

Ibiza never goes out of style and remains one of the most popular summer holiday destinations for those wanting fantastic nightlife. The annual hang out location for many celebrities including Orlando Bloom, the plethora of clubs in original locations such as abandoned zoos, deserted warehouses or just on the beautiful beach, Ibiza has a little something to suit all partying tastes. Look out for the newly anticipated Hard Rock Hotel opening this year.

2. Magaluf

With recent media attention in the form of The Magaluf Weekender, this resort has been given a new lease of life and has become one of the most popular destinations for this summer. Packed full of coastal super clubs along its vibrant and illuminated strip, Magaluf will provide the setting for a holiday to remember with plenty of restaurants and bars to rest up in before the hottest and trendiest clubs welcome you in!

3. Thailand

Looking to go a little further afield? Thailand is the perfect destination for you. Package holidays to this Asian party land have recently become much more affordable, and as a result the country has seen a big upturn in popular nightlife. From amazing beach parties to more sophisticated nightclubs in the capital Bangkok, Thailand will satisfy the needs of any party-goer whilst also providing a slightly more cultured holiday than you might have had before.

4. Cancun

If you are looking for nightlife in situated in the heart of an exotic paradise, then Cancun is most definitely for you. The local tequila runs freely here, close to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and in clubs hosted by the most talented DJs. An popular annual location for American Spring Break, Cancun has finally caught on or the rest of the world too and its countless nightclubs and bars have never been so vibrant. A long transatlantic flight, but oh so worth it!

5. Croatia

Croatia might not be the first summer nightlife destination that comes to mind, but its current underrated nature is part of its charm. Boasting more than fifteen annual party festivals all along its gorgeous coast, Croatia is fast becoming one of the leading nightlife destinations in Europe. And the fun does not have to stay on land; some of the best partying experiences the country has to offer are held on luxury boats up and down the coast. Get your dancing shoes on this summer with a rave at sea!



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