The native people of Punta Mita refer to the destination as a place for spiritual renewal, that’s a pretty accurate description for an island that is surrounded by the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean.

In Punta Mita you are sure to find yourself relaxed, taking an adventure and exploring everything that this magical island has to offer. I love nothing more than looking at Punta Mita vacation rentals, choosing the right one for me and then planning everything I am going to do on my trip.

I have spoken about my love for this place before and why I think you should all visit at least once. If you’re still not convinced, here are 3 of the best reasons to book your holiday now!

It’s always beach weather

Punta Mita is warm and nearly always dry for the whole year, it’s on the same line as Hawaii so you can imagine just how good the weather is. Even when the rainy season hits, during the months June through to September, you will still have sun for most of the day. This leaves you plenty of time to take a dip in the sea and kick back by the pool relaxing and enjoying a cocktail. Even during the warmest months the temperature is still comfortable, with a nice sea breeze blowing across the island.

The Fresh Fresh Seafood!

It’s so fresh I had to write it twice. If you’re a seafood lover like I am then you’re going to be in paradise here. You’ll be able to enjoy some of the most sumptuous Mexican seafood that you’re ever likely to try. So forget any diet that you might be on, leave it at home and eat until you can’t eat anymore. I promise that the second you arrive home you’ll already be craving the seafood that you left behind in Punta Mita.

Experience the wildlife

After you’ve experienced all the luxury of your vacation rental, enjoyed the mouth-watering food and taken a dip in the sea, there is still so much more for you to do. Punt Mita has an amazing array of wildlife; its diverse eco system makes it a home for hundreds of indigenous birds. If you want to see some truly spectacular wildlife then make sure you book a trip to get up close and personal with the humpback wales. The trips run from December to March, you don’t want to miss that experience.



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