I have not whined, cursed or eaten any bon-bons. However, I am going to get out of bed in a minute and I will need a lot more attention!

Did I write that? OK, I AM a little STRESSED! It’s called the Vars/Todd situation. Yes, their names say it all… not a coincidence. What did I feel like? Who did I feel like? Hmmm.

To make my evening complete I chose to have a hearty meal and strong hands, and then later, political- conversation while sipping vodka and tonics. Heated conversation and intellectual arguments always makes my blood boil. You see, Vars (Italian father wanted Vincent and Danish mother wanted Lars… brilliant! ) is a green-eyed Federal Claim Courts Judge who was passing through Prague when we bumped into each other at Tretters (V Kolkovně 3, 11000 Praha 1, +420 224 811 165 www.tretters.cz) last Friday. We had to see each other again at this same sexy spot!

Todd is a passionate and spicy dish who speaks with his hands. He seems dumber than a box of rocks but he is very sweet on the eyes and great in healthy, sweaty doses. Yes, I will join him for dinner this evening at Le Cornichon (Betlemska 9, Prague 1, 110 00, Czech Republic, info@cornichon.cz Tel: +420 222 211 766 www.cornichon.cz).

Come on, admit single bunnies: there are certain men that fill a niche in our hectic and emotional lives. Todd is one of them. He is not here on this earth to tickle my brain… did I write, “tickle”? More on that later. I showed up 23 minutes late (I forgot my raisins! ) in my favorite “I know you’ll forgive me” outfit. Works everytime bunnies. A little couture and a little vintage to warm my bunny skin.

What a restaurant! Large, glass windows; All the more perfect for the public to see me in my Russian fur hat while sitting with Todd in this sexy restaurant. Lipstick red and coral walls surrounded us while interesting light fixtures by Czech contemporary glass designer, Borivoj Sipek (he made creations for President Pavel’s office) provided a sunset. Remember, bunnies, the three ‘L’s’: lighting, lighting and lighting!

A fabulous French waiter approached the table with a smile and two menus. I chose a bottle of Pinot Noir that I had never tried and two glasses of champagne. Todd ordered a Pilsner Urquell (sexy growl to self): what a man’s man. When the champagne arrived I told Todd to close his eyes while I put a raisin in each of glass. I told him to open his eyes and sure enough, the raisins were going crazy in the glasses.

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Todd pulled me into him, “Bouncing up and down – this is what makes you smile, huh?” We both giggled and he told me that he loved my playful suggestion. We’ll see, big Daddy.

Look at these prices! The food better be edible I thought as I glanced over at who looked smug as hell. I decided to pick the Rillette appetizer and the Stockfish Entree; dessert was waiting at Tretters. Todd ordered the fois gras (I strongly suggested it) and the Lamb stew. Perfect for this chilly vecer.

The place had a house/ambient pulse. Perfect beats for me to get my groove on. Warm bread arrived to the table and I was pleased by it’s heat. Nice touch! I wondered what Vars and I would argue about tonight. My blood ran hot while I watched Todd tear his bread with his strong hands and smooth butter all over it with his knife. I remembered the butter scene in Last Tango in Paris and began to blush. Todd noticed and apologized again for having to leave me after dinner to catch his flight. I assured him that I would be all right.

Appetizers arrived and we definitely picked two winners but the entrees really went well with our second bottle of wine. My Stockfish was meaty, moist and delicious sitting on a bed of succulent cabbage with bacon.

Talk about healthy too! Low carbs and high protein! Yum, yum.

Todd looked as if he wanted another order of the Lamb stew after he asked me if I would like a taste. I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t stop. This was a hearty dinner that warmed my soul; it was total comfort food. I secretly hoped Todd WOULD order another stew so that I could show him that I was the little engine that could. I think he could sense it when he told me that he would cancel his flight if I would spend the weekend with him at his flat.

I told him that I needed more notice but I would definitely take a rain check. Soft wink and a gentle moistening of my lips with a tongue lash.

Wow! Where has all of the time gone? His flight, and my dessert! I rose from the table flashing a suggestive garter with a hint of “don’t you wish” and reached for my coat. Todd helped me with my buttons and whispered in my ear that when he returned from his trip he would prove that a girl like me could be tamed. I don’t think that a girl like me is meant to be tamed but the thought of Todd’s strong hands and the butter made me reconsider.

Maybe he is not so dumb after all; look at this stellar restaurant that he picked out!

I definitely had my groove on and I regretted having to skip Le Cornichon’s tempting dessert list but I knew I would be back. Todd leaned in to give me a big wet kiss but I reciprocated with my rosy cheek. Dinner was great and the wine was delicious (I hear there is an amazing cellar in the basement) but only one man would be kissing me tonight! Remember not to give it all away bunnies! I jumped into my taxi, put on a little cherry lip shine and headed for my final destination: Tretters.

Tretters is the coolest edition to the hot scene in Prague. Beautiful people stare you down as they style you up when you walk through the doors into this Bugsy-like competitor.

Volcanic red walls make for the perfect backdrop as warm light cascades onto your face causing one to glow like an angel in disguise. I sashayed through the crowd moving my curves to the beat of jazzy vibes (a welcome exchange for the trance/techno scene) looking for Vars like I owned the place.

Finally I spotted him.

Of course pretty women were hounding him. He is a big guy, exuding confidence with intense almond eyes and a big cheese that showed his perfect rows of pearly whites. These girls didn’t bother me. I knew that when his eyes met mine these amateurs would be on their way. My heart was beating as I drew close. With red wine heating my nerves, I leaned into the bartender and ordered a drink.

I glanced over to catch the Vars update and he was not there. That’s when I felt a hot hand on the small of my naked back (delicious eye-catching, back-less number I spotted on a designer clearance rack) and a steamy kiss on the back of my neck.

Our eye met and… cheers! It was so refreshing to see Vars.

He led me through the glares to a reserved table and when we sat down he hugged me close and with his index finger he started to tickle my ribs. This happens to be a very sensitive area (amongst many that I will reveal)and I responded by giggling uncontrollably. I instinctively nudged him away at the same time. He told me that I was beautiful when I was out of control. Hmmm. Red flag? Not again!

I tried to steer the conversation toward the recent US Presidential election. What did he think of the results? Mr. “wildfinger” responded by quickly sticking his finger under my arm and poking vigorously, I hated this. I felt sick to my stomach. This wasn’t funny at all. This time I pushed him away in complete frustration. I was completely red in the face. This is when my hand that pushed him accidentally fell into his lap and I could not believe what I felt.

And the search goes on.

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