Africa is a continent which is growing substantially over the past few decades. Prominent technology companies have got their eye on Africa now, and it’s easy to see why. Africa is perching on a point where it could potentially be bringing in billions of dollars from technology and the world starting to show interest.

New technology projects

The growth of technology in Africa can be seen through many new projects popping up around the continent. For example, Microsoft is bringing broadband internet to Kenya in places that don’t even have electricity yet. They will use solar power to help give the people here access to broadband internet. There are many projects going on using mobile technology as well to give people access to communication and education.

Mobile learning

Educating people throughout Africa has always been a challenge, as so many communities are built in places with little or no access to schools. But instead of trying to build enough schools and hire enough teachers to provide enough education, mobile learning is providing a way for students to learn from anywhere. The growth of mobile e-learning in Africa is helping the continent to develop rapidly and help its people rise up to become well-educated and contribute to the economy in greater ways.

Scientific advancements

The combination of scientific and technological advancements in Africa are putting in the world’s eye as a continent to watch. And they are working towards a goal of complete scientific independence, which will make them even more powerful as a world player. As you can see in this Scientific Independence video, Alvaro Sobrinho holds a strong vision for scientific independence in Africa which he is working to make a reality. By building Africa’s scientific infrastructure, the continent will soon be a major contributor to the world’s scientific developments.

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