It’s nine o’clock at night and that damned toothache is piercing your jaw like a long rusty nail.

If only you knew a place where the dentists spoke English, had healthy supplies of Novocain and clean needles, and kept long hours.

If all those Tatranky’s have finally caught up your soft enamel, then maybe it’s time to visit just such a place: S.O.S. Dentistry, convenientlylocated at Kvestorska 3 in Prague 4 near the Pankrac metro on the C line. All four doctors on staff speak perfect english and stay there until ten o’clock at night.

Contact MUDr. Jan Regent to make an appointment. The end of pain is only a shot and a drill away.

S.O.S. Dentistry, MUDr. Jan Regent, Kvestorská 3/337 14000 Praha 4 Tel: +420 261 211 000 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Metro: Pankrac

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