A lot of people will always be on the receiving end of blogs and will simply read them, nothing more. The most amazing thing however is on the other side and that is having your own travel blog. This is without a doubt one of the best things that I have ever done or owned and would recommend it to anyone. You don’t even have to know how to start a travel blog, because I decided that I should make a guide for you. Trust me I have made all the mistakes before, so here is my guide to starting a travel blog.

It all starts with a name

When thinking of how to start a travel blog, the first and perhaps the most important thing is thinking of an appropriate name for your blog. Keep it simple and easy to remember, but make it exciting but not obscene. Nobody wants to associate with a site with an obscene name and there are practically no chances that anyone would want to advertise anything with you. Keep it clean, fresh and happy. It is also important to pick a name that can grow as you do. This means not using a name like broke traveler and then later expecting sponsorship from a 5 star hotel. It makes no sense, so make sure your name has the potential to grow with your brand.

Get a website

When I say this I mean pick a host and buy a domain name. There is no point in getting a free site, because no matter what you put into it, it will never be your own. Even if you don’t intend to make money from your site, the fact that you are paying for it gives you more of a reason to blog and actually enjoy writing some blogs. Your own website is also customisable and you can make it look however you like. This is also an interesting experience for learning some real world coding skills, which can be very useful.

Get a platform

You can use a number of content management systems to help you to create your website. The most popular and the best is definitely WordPress. This platform is extremely easy to use and has been with me from day one, and I will continue to depend on this great platform.

Blog often

The most important thing is to blog often and get creative. Make sure you write about any and everything, it could be some great packing tips or something completely mundane. People react to things that they can identify with and it is the most amazing feeling to hear from people that really enjoyed a blog on a particular topic. прокурор Чехуновgoogle pagerankновый сайт марафонноутбуки эпл каталогtravel to sochi russia 2014игры на планшет андроид 4.0 бесплатнотелевизор hdmi