Part of traveling usually encompasses getting lost. While many travelers know this is going to happen at some point they still fit all they can to make sure it doesn’t. While getting lost can be a rewarding experience but it usually turns into nothing but stress.  Here are a few things to have with you to make sure that you don’t fall to the pitfalls of a wrong turn.

Get a Maps App

Google maps is a great app that help you get from point A to point B without an issue. This app is also compatible with just about every device there is. I would recommend getting on your smartphone; you don’t want to be so obviously lost staring at a tablet in the middle of the sidewalk! This app can be really helpful when walking around the streets of a city and looking for a specific restaurant or attraction.


While Google Maps is good for walking around it isn’t so good if you’re driving. Renting a car when in a foreign city is a popular idea for a lot of travelers as it eliminates having to worry about public transportation schedules and routes. Having a sat nav in your rental car will get you from where you are to where you have to go. For roadways it’s a better option than Google maps. It was made for driving, so use it what way.

Paper Maps

I know what you may be thinking. Why carry a paper map when I have a map downloaded to my phone? Technology doesn’t always come through. Not only are technological miscues bound to happen but your iPhone is also more at risk of getting stolen than the pocket map you picked up at your hostel or hotel. These maps don’t rely on WiFi or a battery charge. This makes them the most reliable navigation tool you can have.

Know Where You’re Staying

It’s a great strategy to carry around a copy of the address of the place you are staying. You can usually just take a business card from the front desk and place it in your wallet. Even if you know the name of the place and address, you may not be able to convey it in a foreign country to someone that can help. You’re high school Italian class may have gotten away from you a bit after all these years! If you’re in a jam and need to get back you can the card to a cab driver and he can take you right to the front door.

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