A Menu is a Living Thing…

The Radost FX Cafe and Restaurant has undergone a complete makeover as of late and long time diners of the Prague 2 establishment will tell you that the changes are palpable and for the better.

The head chef has traveled and cooked in countries as diverse as the US and India, and has a passion for all things Thai. The natural ingredients and imported spices (90 percent of them are) give some of the new curry dishes and stir fries a distinctive and spicy edge.

Radost is the most honetly posh place in town, tops for a swanky atmosphere you can just paint yourself into.

Super comfortable chairs in a stylish vegetarian cafe, it’s the perfect place for weekend brunches, late night Mexican food or the wickedly delicious cheesecakes.

Plenty of international jet setters and trend setters make this the place to be seen, day and night, as well as ideal for lounging with friends, taking in the always funky art in the gallery area, or just jamming to live music most week nights and if you’re looking for more action, just slink on down to the Radost nightclub downstairs.

The Italian night on Sundays has given impetus for improving the Italian side of the menu, heavy New York style red sauces with red wine and parmesan involved in the long cooking processes. Their salads are now using up to four different kinds of lettuce in an individual salad and the dressings are savoury. It feels like the chefs are taking more chances and its a very rewarding development.

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Standards like the Popeye sandwich and the pizzas are still here, and so are the old prices which look better today than they ever did. All their breads and desserts are made on the premises, and are rich in texture and flavor with a minimum of fats and liberal use of olive oil, cooked at lower temperatures for longer to get an airy fluffiness that’s rare in these parts.

Most dishes have half portions available which is good if you need a break from the dance floor downstairs, and don’t want to get full up. The kitchen is usually open to the wee hours, and the service is better than average. Home made soups, entrees all reasonably priced for the quality, desserts and a wide and well made selection of cocktails rounds out the casual, healthy, and tasty experience of Radost’s latest culinary incarnation.

Belehradska 120, Prague 2, Tel: 2425 4776, fax: 2251 3114, Metro: IP Pavlova, Tram: 4, 6, 10, 11, 16, 22, 23, 51, 56, 57, www.radostfx.cz

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