They eyed me from across the bar as I sat facing a tray of steaming food nearly a meter in length and my note pad.

A favorable review might mean those in the know might have to move elsewhere to avoid the hordes of weary diners suffering down on Vaclavske nam.

But that’s what it’s all about now, being a trend setter that is. Hit the road and make way because the nearly year-old Rocky’s knows how to serve ’em up hot, delicious, affordable, and enthusiastically.

The comfortable seating area has plenty of TV’s for sports and news primarily, but there are enough corners to get some privacy.

But who wants to when the Full Monty’s spread of delicious pork ribs, chicken wings, steaks, fried Hermelin, crunchy onion rings, steak fries and salad is facing you down across that big tray for just 700 Kc.

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That will soak up quite a few Guinness’, Gambrinus’, ciders or any malt beverage that might take your fancy.Once the gloves were off the regulars admitted that the All Day Irish Breakfast (185 Kc) and the Fish ‘n’ Chips were as close to home as they’ve found in Prague. The tender chicken kebabs (165 Kc) served with a spicy sweet and sour sauce was delicious and was also heralded by the now inspired punters, now firmly agreed that the baby back pork ribs were the house specialty.

Of course vegetarians are taken care of as well with a wide selection of salads, and finger foods. The burrito and chilli were also surprisingly impressive given Ireland’s geographic proximity to Mexico. It can never be spicy enough, so order extra peppers.

Steaks grilled right and very tender, and the hot blackberry and apple pie was well worth the 65 Kc, actually a steal. All in all, only a salad dressing and a BBQ sauce for the chicken wings away from total decadence. Bring a few friends and you’ll be putting them away on the cheap well into they kick you out at one in the morning for a price you won’t be ashamed of when you wake up in the morning.

The regulars still worry if there will be enough to go around, owner Robbie assures me that there’s plenty. Big ups.

Stepanska 32 P-1 Metro: Muzeum, Mustek, Tram 3, 9, 14

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