The perfect space for a drink before hitting Le Clan, this little bar on Italska has a wide range of choices to start the night off. My favorite so far has been the Sangria, which is 39 crowns and comes in a huge glass filled with fruit.

There are well-priced wines from Chile, South Africa, California and all the places in Europe you’d expect along with a long list of coffees and cocktails. Luckily Popocafepetl doesn’t make the same stupid mistake that new shi-shi establishments like Barfly make by only offering .3 liter beers at high prices to discourage beer-drinking and entice Eurotrashers into more expensive and better looking cocktails.

No, Popocafepetl embraces the pivo drinker and offers good prices on a range of beers and gets creative in offering half yards of Staropramen 10% for only 36 crowns. Decorated like a postmodern cowboy saloon, lit nicely and playing tasteful music, Popocafepetl is attracting a young and hip crowd to the still evolving Vinohrady scene.

PopoCafePetl Music Club Újezd 19 Praha 1, Malá Strana, 120 00 Tel: +420 602 277 226 OTpen Daily: 16:00 – 02:00, Contact: Boris Orava, Mobile: +420 602 791 132, PopoCafe Petl Café/Bar Italská 18 Praha 2, 120 00 Tel: +420 777 944 672 Open: Mon. – Fri.: 13:00 – 02:00, Sat. – Sun.: 16:00 – 02:00 email:

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